Completed Module 1 – ‘Evaluation Criteria: Net Present Value’ of Wharton’s “Decision Making & Scenarios” course on Coursera

Finished module 1 of Wharton’s “Decision Making & Scenarios” course on Coursera.This module is titled, “Evaluation Criteria: Net Present Value” and discusses the various alternatives we have to judge which projects should we undertake, with the fundamental premise that any new project or venture undertaken should maximise the firm’s value.Various methods are discussed starting with the discussion of very important concept of “Time Value Of Money” which says that money has an added dimension of time and a dollar today is worth a dollar tomorrow.Taking this discussion onwards, we discuss why the Net Present Value“ analysis is the most appropriate analysis for choosing whether to accept or deny a project.The other criteria at our disposal are IRR, Payback and RoI methods and it is also discussed the short comings of these methods compared to NPV. IRR can also be used but it is not suitable in every scenario as demonstrated by the Professor and whenever we are in doubt we should refe…

Completed 3 modules of IBM's CB0103EN - How to build Chatbots and make money on EdX

Finished three modules of IBM's CB0103EN - How to build chatbots and make money.

The first three modules talked about the chatbot and the essentials of chatbots building in the sense, what are the definite things int he process, what are theprecautions which should be employed and how does the IBM's "Watson Assistant" works and how it compares with all other competitors.

Then in next two modules it talks about the two very essential components of Chatbots, rather three.

a. Intents - This the goal of the user's input. Watson Assistant expects us to add examples of each intent that our chatbot needs to address, these examples arethen used by Watson to figure out the different ways in which people may express their intent. In short, theintent can be expressed as labels, to group together a common goal or purpose, for a user's input.

b. Entities - These are details in user's input which helps Watson to provide different responses to user's inputs. Different u…

Finished Module 3 of OXBSG01X of OxfordX on EdX - 29th May 2018

Yesterday (29th May 2018) finished the module 3 of OXBSG01X - From Poverty to Prosperity: Understanding Economic Development from OxfordX on EdX.

This module was titled: Power,Identities and Narratives. Below are the notes, as I understood some of the things in the course

Carrying over from last two modules, which essentially talked about "Power" scheme of things, in which how from anarchy, first a centralised state is formed and then due to compulsion of power mostly, an inclusive state is formed. In module 3 we carried over this study to understand how the whole concept of "Power" is affected by two very important concepts of "Identities" and "Narratives". We also talked about what happens if there is a mis-match between power and identities and how to align them. We also discussed, how narratives shape a society, in turn the identity and hence the power.

Identity, if we talk about, it is a social phenomena, which occurs due to the interaction of…

3 Weeks of CYBER501x Completed

I always wanted to dig deep into Cyber security and ethical hacking stuff and once had even installed a myriad of tools on my old laptop, but those days were different and I could not proceed beyond tinkering.

This year, I jsut have got opportunity to dig really deep with the CYBER501X course of Rochester Institute Of Technology in Cyber security.

This course is part of specialisation on Cyber Security and is first of the four courses. 

I aim to finish all the four curses and finish the specialisation.

So far the stuff has been introductory and not too tough, but with 4th and 5th week devoted to Networking, there is a lot of reading and work would be required. In fact, I have finished the lectures of Week 4, but have not attempted the quiz fully.

I aim to review the lectures and then do it again. Not intending to do silly mistakes in Week 2 and 3, where I scored just 80%, which meant, I just passed those two weeks.

All this due to the hurry.

I am also putting up my notes on a course website

Notes - 46 to 48 - Week 4 - 14.100x - MITx - 2nd March 2017


Notes - 41 to 45 - Week 4 - 14.100x - MITx - 1st March 2017


Notes - 37 to 40 - Week 4 - 14.100x - MITx - 27th Feb 2017