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Day 10 - Python/Django Update

Good news, may be I should be able to finish the first app of my life by tomorrow EOD.

Nothing better than closing a year and starting a new one.

I am building this simple blog app with a simple tutorial I found online, its basically from a snippet of the book " Python Web development with Django".

The learning so far is that dont trust the tutorials implicitly. They assume a lot of things, and but for obvious things.

So, its ok for someone who is already conversant with one language to be able to pick up the gaps in a tutorial, its not so, if you are completely a beginner.

Like, while making this app so far, I encountered a lot of error-:

1. Indentation - Python is very strict on it. Then I found that I should use the tab two times and it solved the problem.

2. AttribueError : 'module' object has no attribute 'Charfield' .
While using the "syncdb" command after creating the model and trying to sync with the database, I was getting this persistent error and…

Day 10 - Cake PHP and What happened to PHP

Since the development of the second MVP is going to be in PHP, so its not I have again dumped PHP.

I plan to closely follow the development and see myself how the code works and how the things are built.

Regrading this MVC thing, I was always so confused, as in how to decipher and build on this. But today, I got an excel sheet from the developer who is going to build this MVP for me, and he so clearily outlined on the sheet the MVC stuff, that now its a perfect no-brainer to me.

I mean, it was so simple and I was getting so psyched up as in how this works.

May be, once the development of MVP is done and I am out in the market, I will share that excel sheet for everyone here, so that you can also benefit by seeing, how if an overall project is broekn in to small components on an excel sheet, it looks so beautiful.

I guess thats what the experience brings to you, but now I know how to list down my project, in this simple elucidating way.

It has not yet been decided on which framework the proj…

Day -10 : On Python and Django now...

Thats what I am also wondering, what the heck I am up to...

This is what has been happening to me...

I read this super-duper blog post which echoes exactly my sentiments and also of people similar like me, who are on this endeavour to learn programming.

Thank god for this blog, I thought that only I was queer and that its happening to me only.

I have made a very ambitious Gist of things on Gist, to achieve in 2012, and one of the list is named Programming.

I have set my self a target of building things with different programming languages, and the first one I picked up is Python-Django.

I know what I want to build. Installed Django yesterday and started tinkering with it.

You can read my entire goal sets of 2012 here on -  git://

I have a target of one month for each of the project. Lets C, how it goes.

Day7- CakePHP

Again I am going haywire...

And again I would re-iterate that this is what my blog is meant to be...

Logging all my activities while struggle to learn to program.

I had this meeting today with the development guys and for the sencond MVP, they are going to sue either CakePHP or CodeIgnighter framework.

And just after getting back from that meeting, I have installed CakePHP on my apache server and started tinkering with it.

So far successful installation and the databse connection has been created (Don't laugh at such mundane things).

Some day I will do a bit of research on .htaccess and httpdconf files and how they work, my goal is that before installing any new framework and all on local server, I should eb able to figure out , without any documentation what to do with these two files.

Letssee where I reach at night...

Day 7- Nothing done in last 3 days

So, I promised on 24th that I would complete the registration stuff at night, but you can see that even after 3 days of it, I have not put any work to show here or at my Gist.

And this has been the reason why, I have created this blog.

As I am looking at it, I feel quite ashamed that I have not been able to do anything in last few days.

I was busy in some other stuff, which over-took the priority for some time, but that should not be an excuse, after all I have 24 hours at my disposal every day.

I could have completed the registration stuff, but again at one point I got stuck.

I have been using this elaborate video tutorial, and I ahd comprehended it quite a lot, in terms of what the tutor is doing and trying to achieve but, there is this new type of web form which he used( new to me, because I ahve not see it earlier) and I got stuck.

So today, I would try to deciper that web form, or would may be try the code with my original web-form and see that the same code runs with my web form or no…

Getting haywired - Day 3

The day is almost over and I have not yet put anything either on the Gist or here. The reason is that last night I again went a bit haywired.

Things are not good at home and so many a times it becomes difficult to concentrate.

Should not be an excuse but then believe me, sometimes you cant help it.

I have been pondering over since yesterday that I should simultaneously try to build some very basic stuff myself along with completing the study module from the book.

Would help me in learning and I can co-relate the stuff and see the connect...

I would post all those learnings simultaneously along with the notes on the Gist.

So I started to make the a simple User-Registration login form yesterday.

Apparently, it seems making a perfect user registration form also involves a lot of steps( at least for a beginner like me).

I was done with the basic one with the help of a video tutorial but then found out that a lot of lacunaes are there.

Like in terms of security and validation.

So I found a new tutor…

PHP Introductions Finished- Day 2

Have finished the PHP - Introductions now. Have added a few notes from the other book too.

There is no further additions to the code example. I guess, its enough to begin with.

The best part of hosting the notes on Gist is that you can actually see, what was added on Day 2, compared to Day 1.

Aint this great :)

Day 2 - PHP - Finishing the Introduction

I went home last night and picked up the other book of PHP, and realised that its not such a good idea to do one book at a time and then pick another book and re-start everything again.

It seems so foolish, for very obvious reasons.

I might as well would have done that, if I was not making this resource on Gist. Going back to the old gists after finishing the first book and try to ammend it with the notes of the other book, sould seem painful.

Its better that I make notes and gists with both the book simultaneously, it would be easier and much more meaningful.

So, the first thing I am going to do today is to finish the "Introductions" done yesterday by plugging-in notes with the other book too.

PHP Introduction - Day1

The methodology which I am apllying is also an old school thought.

The methodology says that if you write something in black-and-white, you remember it for a much much longer time and you are expected to grasp it also in a better manner.

So while there are examples in the book which are meant for the understanding purpose only, but I want to go the hard-way and type all those examples also while completing the chapter.

I have done this in the first chapter and it has really helped, I must say.

First chapter did not have any exercises.

This was the easiest part, but I am happy that I have started it finally.

Also, I am making notes of whatever I am studying from the book and putting it up on GIST, so that it could be of some help to a few people like me.

I am making the GIST chapter wise. So every gist has the notes as well as the accompanying codes.

When the chapter will contain the problesm, then I plan to include the Questions and their solutions also in the GIST.

The link to the first chapt…

First Language is PHP

So far I have tried 3 different languages namely, Python,Ruby and PHP.

I joined a weekend only class of PHP also about a couple of months back, the reasons of it is there on my other blog .

The web app of my Startup which is presently online is also in PHP and the pivot of it, the work on which will start sometime later this month will also be done in PHP and hence I decided to start with PHP, rather than any other of the two languages.

Though there are tons of materials available online and a very big community of PHP developers out there to help you, I am still going with the old school, learning with the help of book.

I have fetish for books since long and in no way can dispense them.

It gives a big sense of satisfactionw hen you tick-mark one chapter as "done".

Also, I tried searching for small problems or exercises on PHP but could not found and hence opted to learn simultaneously with books and online tutorials, both the books w…


I have been trying to learn program since about a couple of months time, seriously.

My effort started a way back bit.

And where I am, I can understand a bit of code now...

Nothing that I have been able to create of my own so far...

This blog is an attempt to post about my learning experience of programming, moreso to keep track of, and move a centimetre forward everyday.

Seeing my blog daily, and being ashamed about nothing new to post , is that what I think would push me to be very diligent towards this attempt, inspite of all odds.

This blog would not have been needed if I had a partner with whom I could have learnt, kind of study-buddy, but sadly its not.

The name of this blog signifies the my aim, tomorrow I should be able to brag that I picked an all together different skill after doing well for more than 10 years in Sales.

So here I go...