PHP Introduction - Day1

The methodology which I am apllying is also an old school thought.

The methodology says that if you write something in black-and-white, you remember it for a much much longer time and you are expected to grasp it also in a better manner.

So while there are examples in the book which are meant for the understanding purpose only, but I want to go the hard-way and type all those examples also while completing the chapter.

I have done this in the first chapter and it has really helped, I must say.

First chapter did not have any exercises.

This was the easiest part, but I am happy that I have started it finally.

Also, I am making notes of whatever I am studying from the book and putting it up on GIST, so that it could be of some help to a few people like me.

I am making the GIST chapter wise. So every gist has the notes as well as the accompanying codes.

When the chapter will contain the problesm, then I plan to include the Questions and their solutions also in the GIST.

The link to the first chapter GIST is here -



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