First Language is PHP

So far I have tried 3 different languages namely, Python,Ruby and PHP.

I joined a weekend only class of PHP also about a couple of months back, the reasons of it is there on my other blog .

The web app of my Startup which is presently online is also in PHP and the pivot of it, the work on which will start sometime later this month will also be done in PHP and hence I decided to start with PHP, rather than any other of the two languages.

Though there are tons of materials available online and a very big community of PHP developers out there to help you, I am still going with the old school, learning with the help of book.

I have fetish for books since long and in no way can dispense them.

It gives a big sense of satisfactionw hen you tick-mark one chapter as "done".

Also, I tried searching for small problems or exercises on PHP but could not found and hence opted to learn simultaneously with books and online tutorials, both the books which I have bought have a few exercises at the end of chapters to try it out.

The first book which I would be attempting to finish is "Learning PHP 5 by David Sklar" from the O'Reily publications.

I am not doing both the books simultaneously as I would be stuck again for a long time, like earlier.

So I would finish this book first and then will move to the other book. Since exercises and the methodology of both the books are different, so it wont be kind of repition but rather the second book would be like of an extended exercise and a refresher.

I have studied from the other book majorly while doing that classroom course, and this book was quite un-touched and thats the reason to start with this one first.


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