Day 10 - Cake PHP and What happened to PHP

Since the development of the second MVP is going to be in PHP, so its not I have again dumped PHP.

I plan to closely follow the development and see myself how the code works and how the things are built.

Regrading this MVC thing, I was always so confused, as in how to decipher and build on this. But today, I got an excel sheet from the developer who is going to build this MVP for me, and he so clearily outlined on the sheet the MVC stuff, that now its a perfect no-brainer to me.

I mean, it was so simple and I was getting so psyched up as in how this works.

May be, once the development of MVP is done and I am out in the market, I will share that excel sheet for everyone here, so that you can also benefit by seeing, how if an overall project is broekn in to small components on an excel sheet, it looks so beautiful.

I guess thats what the experience brings to you, but now I know how to list down my project, in this simple elucidating way.

It has not yet been decided on which framework the project would be built, CakePHP or CodeIgnighter, I would keep you posted though.