Day -10 : On Python and Django now...

Thats what I am also wondering, what the heck I am up to...

This is what has been happening to me...

I read this super-duper blog post which echoes exactly my sentiments and also of people similar like me, who are on this endeavour to learn programming.

Thank god for this blog, I thought that only I was queer and that its happening to me only.

I have made a very ambitious Gist of things on Gist, to achieve in 2012, and one of the list is named Programming.

I have set my self a target of building things with different programming languages, and the first one I picked up is Python-Django.

I know what I want to build. Installed Django yesterday and started tinkering with it.

You can read my entire goal sets of 2012 here on -  git://

I have a target of one month for each of the project. Lets C, how it goes.