Day 7- Nothing done in last 3 days

So, I promised on 24th that I would complete the registration stuff at night, but you can see that even after 3 days of it, I have not put any work to show here or at my Gist.

And this has been the reason why, I have created this blog.

As I am looking at it, I feel quite ashamed that I have not been able to do anything in last few days.

I was busy in some other stuff, which over-took the priority for some time, but that should not be an excuse, after all I have 24 hours at my disposal every day.

I could have completed the registration stuff, but again at one point I got stuck.

I have been using this elaborate video tutorial, and I ahd comprehended it quite a lot, in terms of what the tutor is doing and trying to achieve but, there is this new type of web form which he used( new to me, because I ahve not see it earlier) and I got stuck.

So today, I would try to deciper that web form, or would may be try the code with my original web-form and see that the same code runs with my web form or not.

Also, would search a bit about the SQL injection attacks.