Day7- CakePHP

Again I am going haywire...

And again I would re-iterate that this is what my blog is meant to be...

Logging all my activities while struggle to learn to program.

I had this meeting today with the development guys and for the sencond MVP, they are going to sue either CakePHP or CodeIgnighter framework.

And just after getting back from that meeting, I have installed CakePHP on my apache server and started tinkering with it.

So far successful installation and the databse connection has been created (Don't laugh at such mundane things).

Some day I will do a bit of research on .htaccess and httpdconf files and how they work, my goal is that before installing any new framework and all on local server, I should eb able to figure out , without any documentation what to do with these two files.

Letssee where I reach at night...