Getting haywired - Day 3

The day is almost over and I have not yet put anything either on the Gist or here. The reason is that last night I again went a bit haywired.

Things are not good at home and so many a times it becomes difficult to concentrate.

Should not be an excuse but then believe me, sometimes you cant help it.

I have been pondering over since yesterday that I should simultaneously try to build some very basic stuff myself along with completing the study module from the book.

Would help me in learning and I can co-relate the stuff and see the connect...

I would post all those learnings simultaneously along with the notes on the Gist.

So I started to make the a simple User-Registration login form yesterday.

Apparently, it seems making a perfect user registration form also involves a lot of steps( at least for a beginner like me).

I was done with the basic one with the help of a video tutorial but then found out that a lot of lacunaes are there.

Like in terms of security and validation.

So I found a new tutorial and now have started afresh and making sense of the things.

Would post it over here, once I complete that night.