Built a "Full-Text Search" engine in PHP !!!

Its been more than 2 months since I posted anything over here.

All this while I have been majorly tied up with various activities regarding www.vikreyta.com , right from launch, going to market and then other mundane activities like uploading the data.

In last two months the major activity of mine, as far as programming is concerned was to make Vikreyta better in performance.

Since these activities does not qualify as "Programming" as such, so I detested from writing it here.

In my earlier post I put a screen shot of my first unit performance of Udacity. Thats the closest I have been to doing some hard-core in programming, off-late.

But yes, today, after a lot of hard-work and ofcourse patience, I built a "Full-Text Search" engine in PHP and implemented it on site.

I struggled a lot with it for days and I am so happy on my accomplishment !