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Udacity - CS101 - Building a Search Engine - Unit 1

This is one of the other course that I am taking from Udacity. I had enrolled to this course, when it started for the first time, but could not keep up to the schedule and had to drop off.

I re-enrolled again.

In Unit 1, I did decent. The score could have been better, had the last question I would have been able to answer correctly.

The execution was always successful, but whenever I used to submit the code, I got the feedback that the input used is different, though I used to use the same input.

I tried for about 5 times, but then gave it up.

In the quizzes also, I could have done a bit better. I was sort of careless!

Udacity - CS253 - Web Application Engineering - Unit1

A few years later when someone will read my blog, they will come to know that contrary to what you read on the various blogs, it is actually difficult.

This blog has become so meandering that I have started feeling ashamed writing blogs after huge intervals of more than a month or so.

Anyways, there are two good things-:

1. I have not stopped my endeavour to become a good programmer.

2. However, shamed I am on my exploits, I still do write on this blog.

I enrolled for CS253 - Web Application Engineering class of Udacity .

If you are reading this blog then I shall assume that you already know about Udacity.

They have certainly made this world a better place.

Unit 1 is comparatively easier for anyone who has even a slight idea of programming, so it was not very difficult to complete the quizzes and the course.

The difficult part was to complete the Homework 1.

Assignment was to install Google App Engine and then make a small app which shall say "Hello Udacity", upload it on GAE and subm…