Udacity - CS253 - Web Application Engineering - Unit1

A few years later when someone will read my blog, they will come to know that contrary to what you read on the various blogs, it is actually difficult.

This blog has become so meandering that I have started feeling ashamed writing blogs after huge intervals of more than a month or so.

Anyways, there are two good things-:

1. I have not stopped my endeavour to become a good programmer.

2. However, shamed I am on my exploits, I still do write on this blog.

I enrolled for CS253 - Web Application Engineering class of Udacity .

If you are reading this blog then I shall assume that you already know about Udacity.

They have certainly made this world a better place.

Unit 1 is comparatively easier for anyone who has even a slight idea of programming, so it was not very difficult to complete the quizzes and the course.

The difficult part was to complete the Homework 1.

Assignment was to install Google App Engine and then make a small app which shall say "Hello Udacity", upload it on GAE and submit the url.

I dual-boot my machine with Ubuntu and Win7, but since last few days Windows is not booting only, so I have been working on Linux.

Installing GAE on Windows is not difficult as it comes as an installer. On Linux, its an elongated process, but then you learn so much by just attempting to install the app on Linux.

I could install the app, made a new app, made changes to the app.yaml and index.py files and as I started to run the server, there came errors stumbling by.

1. app.yaml file configuration was wrong. The -url handler has to be changed to just a / .

2. MySqlDB was not found. I had to load the python-mysqldb module.

3. AppConfigNotFound - After trying a lot , the solution which came was that you need to go to the directory of the app and then try to run the server.

4. dev_appserver.py command not found. Well, it used to get executed if you go to the GAE directory and run the command, but not otherwise.
Since, the app was not in that directory so the server never used to run. Apparently, I had forgotten to add the path.
The permanent option is to add it to .bashrc file but then I just could not locate the file and decided to add it in the temporary manner  . It worked then.

5. The server started running and then the app worked on the localhost.

6. While updating the app to GAE cloud, again the familiar error of appcfg.py command not found.
Since the temporary fix works for only the session, so you need to assign the path in every session.
And path has to be re-assigned every time if you need to execute a command out of the parent directory.
It's a pain, and I will fix it next time.

7. After appg ot updated at GAE, I tested it on the link of appspot. com  , it worked. But while submitting the url for the homwwork, it always gave error.
I was completely bowled by it, after all the url is a valid url and it is working on the browser, so why the course is not accepting it.
There came to my rescue one of the posts on the discussion forums of the course.
Apparently, after I changed the text of the app from "Hello,Udacity!" to "Hello,Udacity", my url was accepted in a split second.

And I submitted the Unit 1 homework, before the expiry of deadline.

Something worthy I did in many days....


  1. well, lets keep up the good work, thanks for your posting, Ill use u as a resource when I get into trouble

  2. Abhishek, I don't know you, but it is cool that you made it work, and I wanted to say it to honour your work.

  3. Hey Victor, Thanks so much for the appreciation. But I dont think I deserve it. I still need to be very regular at it. I have missed past lessons, but I would catch up.
    I would try to help you in whatever way I can. The best way to learn is to help someone.

  4. Hey Fifth Business,

    Thanks so much for the kind words and the appreciation.

    God bless you always!!!



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