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Completed "Conditionals in Javascript" of Codecademy...

Today is a good day...

Completed "Conditionals in Javascript" of Codecademy too, in the same sitting.

Somehow, its all coming as very imperative now :-}

Earned a new badge too :-}

I want to own every single badge of Codecademy...

Finished "Functions in Javascript" course of Codecademy

On track with Codecademy course, on the 2nd consecutive day.

Finished the "Functions in Javascript" course along with "Review of Fucntions" and earned a new job.

Completely loved it...

I am getting better !!!

Starting CodeYear of Codecademy again...

Code Year by Codecademy was one big phenomenal attempt to teach people like me to code, when it started early this year.

I was one of the few who signed up on the very first day.

Eventually, the first lesson rolled out and I completed that also, and then it all fizzed out.

After that I just could not keep the pace with the new lessons being rolled out every week and I fell farther and farther short.

One of the reason was that off-late I had been already tinkering with PHP, Python and sometimes with Ruby and the language chosen by Codecademy was Javascript.

Now, it was like one more new language to me, when I was already burdened with a lot of material to work with in the other three languages.

So somewhere, I kept myself to PHP and to some lesser extent to Python.

All this while the Codecademy guys kept me pushing with the weekly email and it finally worked today, when I gave in.

So again today, I went to Code YEar module of Codecademy and started all the lessons right from the beginn…

Coursera - CS 101 - Completed

More than a month back, I so enthusiastically reported my endeavour to work on Udacity's CS101 and CS 253.

And the fact of the matter is that I could not move beyond the second unit of both the courses. Its not that they were hard on me or anything, but the scheme of things happened in a way, that just wandered off.

By now, you would have been sick of reading this wandering habit of mine and no one is more so, than myself itself.

But, I have not yet given up and thats why keep coming back to this blog of mine to record even a small progress.

All this while I had registered for Coursera's CS101 of Stanford too, being taught by Nick Parlante.

The course was to finish on 5th June 2012.

I started working on it on 29th of May 2012 and finished it in less than 24 hours on 30th of May 2012.

The course was really interesting with Nick touching on all the basic aspects of Computer Science , including a bit on hardware too.

It was I felt a bit easier than Udacity's CS101.

But then I complete…