Starting CodeYear of Codecademy again...

Code Year by Codecademy was one big phenomenal attempt to teach people like me to code, when it started early this year.

I was one of the few who signed up on the very first day.

Eventually, the first lesson rolled out and I completed that also, and then it all fizzed out.

After that I just could not keep the pace with the new lessons being rolled out every week and I fell farther and farther short.

One of the reason was that off-late I had been already tinkering with PHP, Python and sometimes with Ruby and the language chosen by Codecademy was Javascript.

Now, it was like one more new language to me, when I was already burdened with a lot of material to work with in the other three languages.

So somewhere, I kept myself to PHP and to some lesser extent to Python.

All this while the Codecademy guys kept me pushing with the weekly email and it finally worked today, when I gave in.

So again today, I went to Code YEar module of Codecademy and started all the lessons right from the beginning, even though I had finished the first module and earned a badge for it.

I completed the first module, and again won a badge for it :-}

And then came the tipping point, starting where I had left earlier.

A module called "FizzBuzz", where you right a short kiddo program.

Well, I completed that too, in the same sitting.

I wanted to continue with the second week unit of "Functions in Javascript", but then suddenly there was one error on the server, which was pointed to me by someone and it was so critical that I had to give up everything which I was doing to fire-fight that issue.

And after 3 hours or so, I was able to resolve that { I still do not have what caused that issue, all of a sudden, as it was a server issue, and I did not tinker at all with those conf files, off-late. May be someday I would be able to find it}.

All in all, a good day of learning so far...

My aim is to write a post on this blog every single day...

That day I shall be doing something really worth-while in my life...