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Failing miserably on 180 by 180

Day 4 - I did not do anything, in fact I did not even remotely did anything related to code.

Day 5 - As I started today, the app, random colour generator, seemed easy. But as I started understanding it, it now has javascript, along with jquery.

At codecademy, I finished javascript half with difficulty and it had been long time, its almost that I dont know anything of it.

So seeing all that, I could understand what is happening, but asked to do it alone, without looking at the code, I could not have done that.

The CSS of random colour generator is also more complex, with a lot of declarations, what they do and how they work, means I will have to slog at CSS again, and then going back to javascript.

I dont think, I can manage it in one day, when I started on it late and there is only about 10 hours left for the day to finish, clock-wise.

So I am leaving this mission, but I am not quitting it.

I know, with whatever JS I had learnt at Codecademy, I could have gone ahead with today's app, but…

Day 3 - 180 by 180

Today was much better, compared to yesterday.

Its been one sunday, after an awful long time, that I did something... Like really...

I was able to comprehend, what is going on and why something is happening...

Learnt a more about CSS, made notes in the notebook...

This is the log of the day-:

/* This is the Log of Day 3 of 180 by 180 */

/* The name of the app is "Make a Deal" */

1. I am keeping the app names the similar, so that, if someone tries to compare any two app's code, it is easier for him to do so.

2. This one I am able to understand pretty soon. An app made by only html and css. There are 7 html files and one css file.

3. On the home page, which is the first html file, you have 3 options to choose from. All these 3 options are 3 different html files.

4. Once you click any of the options on the home html, you are taken to the second html page, on which one of the option has been already chosen, and you are asked to confirm or re-consider your decision, from the remaining d…

Day 2 - 180 by 180

This post is bit late, but whatever worked I did on 2nd day, were committed and pushed to Github, on the same day.

Actually, it is very embarrassing, I could not make much headway today. Just made some very very small changes in the CSS of the Day1 app only.

The original plan was to make the Day1 app, a bit more better visually and then dive into Day 2 app of Jennifer, but got stuck on a very small part.

Please do not laugh at me, but I got stuck on getting the background-image up on the page. Spent so much time on it, looked for errors, searched on net, looked in a book, but still could not figure out, what is going wrong, or why it is not working.

Very very sad situation, felt very bad.

Here is the log at what happened on Day 2 of 180 by 180 -:

/* This is the Day 2 Log of 180 by 180 */

1. Started with studying CSS concepts from "CSS: The missing manual". This is to make the Day1 site a bit better.

2. Started making notes from the book, so that it is etched on my mind.

3. Learnt why…

Day 1 -: 180 by 180

For the first day itself, it was huge amount of learning.

I checked the Git of Jennifer Dewalt, but could not even made any head and tails of it :( {so dumb of me} and hence I decided to go the slow and my own way. 

Building the home page would not be difficult { at least that much I knew} after checking her first app, but still took me 9 hours and 41 mins, right from starting and making the commit to Github.

I looked at the html and css file and then tried to understand, what is happening, there. What I could figure out, I took and tried to incorporate and the stuff which I could not understand, I just left it.

So well, you can say that, mostly I copied and tried to read and figure out, what is happening where and incorporate it.

Below, is the log, what happened, all this while...

Link - Homepage

/* This is the log of Day 1 of 180 by 90 - 26th July 2013 */

1. Wrote the blogpost about starting on the project and the motivation to do that.

2. Had un-installed the Github for windows earlier, so …

An inspiration yesterday - Now I am building 180 websites in 180 days !

As I woke up yesterday and switched on the m/c, somehow instead of reading the e-paper of national dailies, I turned over to Hack News.

And there on the top was this amazing post from Jennifer Dewalt, about how she is building 180 websites in 180 days.

To say the least, I was blown away. It hit me like a blast from the past.

As the past posts of this blog can point, I have been on and off, trying to learn code since I started my entrepreneurship journey.

Though, I do not say that I know how to code now, but I can fairly understand tits and bits of the pieces which allowed me to maintain the web app of my previous venture {the site is still live though} Vikreyta . 

I did all kind of work there, both on the front-end and server-end and have a complete log of changes I made, or put some new feature live.

I was the lead engineer of my own venture, when we had 6 + 1 team.

But, I never put any of my own complete code live, which I can say "Yes, this is mine".

Reading this Hacker News post…

Codecademy Ruby Track Completed

I have been working on Codecademy Python track for some time and managed to complete it on 14th April 2013.

After a lull, I started working on Javascript track, but could not stick to it, I guess it is one of the most difficult track of Codecademy, because of some technical reasons, many a times, you just cannot figure out, why the code is not working.

I have left that at 47%, but would attempt it again and will start afresh, may be the modules are now better.

In the meanwhile, I started working on the Ruby track. I love Ruby, and I was able to complete the track successfully, in comparative lesser period {it's all about sticking with it}.

That Saturday, I also made personal records on Codecademy, by accumulating 181 Points in a single day.

At least now, I can read simple codes of both languages...