Codecademy Ruby Track Completed

I have been working on Codecademy Python track for some time and managed to complete it on 14th April 2013.

After a lull, I started working on Javascript track, but could not stick to it, I guess it is one of the most difficult track of Codecademy, because of some technical reasons, many a times, you just cannot figure out, why the code is not working.

I have left that at 47%, but would attempt it again and will start afresh, may be the modules are now better.

In the meanwhile, I started working on the Ruby track. I love Ruby, and I was able to complete the track successfully, in comparative lesser period {it's all about sticking with it}.

That Saturday, I also made personal records on Codecademy, by accumulating 181 Points in a single day.

At least now, I can read simple codes of both languages...

Completing Ruby Track on 1st of June 2013