Day 1 -: 180 by 180

For the first day itself, it was huge amount of learning.

I checked the Git of Jennifer Dewalt, but could not even made any head and tails of it :( {so dumb of me} and hence I decided to go the slow and my own way. 

Building the home page would not be difficult { at least that much I knew} after checking her first app, but still took me 9 hours and 41 mins, right from starting and making the commit to Github.

I looked at the html and css file and then tried to understand, what is happening, there. What I could figure out, I took and tried to incorporate and the stuff which I could not understand, I just left it.

So well, you can say that, mostly I copied and tried to read and figure out, what is happening where and incorporate it.

Below, is the log, what happened, all this while...

Link - Homepage

/* This is the log of Day 1 of 180 by 90 - 26th July 2013 */

1. Wrote the blogpost about starting on the project and the motivation to do that.

2. Had un-installed the Github for windows earlier, so started with re-installing it.

3. Un-installed the older version of Git 1.7.8 on m/c and proceeded to install the latest version

4. New repository created at Github via Git bash.

5. And I am using Git from everywhere, via command line, via Github windows app and via web, feeling completely clue-less. Its been after ages that I am using Git, everything feels so strange.

6. Cannot figure out anything from Jennifer's Github about the first app.

7. Instead of trying to start with RoR, have decided to do it my way, by starting from scratch from HTML and CSS.

8. Decided to use the domain and have found that, it is re-directing to, I have no clue, why it is happening. TRying to figure it out.

9. Wrote an email to support of hosting provider.

10. No Domain forwarding has been setup in the DNS Zone of the server, but still the domain is getting forwarded.

11. Tried changing the DNS settings of as similar to kreyta , but is not working either.

12. Ok, pricesticker was not resolving to the present server only, it is still hosted at GoDaddy.

13. Also, a permanent direct 301 was there on GoDaddy for Vikreyta. Removed that.

14. Nameservers of Pricesticker changed at the registrar.

15. Ok, removing the re-direct and changing the nameservers worked.

16. While working with the FTP server, it is connecting still with a domain associated with GoDaddy.

17. Mail sent to the present hosting service provider, regarding the query.

18. Ok, the domain has not entirely propagated from GoDaddy and hence the issue. Instead of using the server name, working with the IP address worked and resolved the issue.

19. Struggling with Git.

20 On Windows Github app, the commits are made, but they are not getting published to the server.

21. Tried on Git bash, saying nothing to commit, branch directory clean.

22. The home page is done for the first day, but still issue with the Git Hub. 3 commits have been made on the windows app but they are still un-synced.

23.Ok, I forgot that you need to push the master, after commits, so dumb of me.

24. The commits are showing in the log of Git.

25. When I am trying to "git push origin master", it is throwing error, current branch is behind its remote counterpart.

26. Git asked me first to pull from the remote master and merge, went to the local repository and issued "git pull origin master".

27. Thank God, then issued the command "Git push origin master" and it worked.