Day 2 - 180 by 180

This post is bit late, but whatever worked I did on 2nd day, were committed and pushed to Github, on the same day.

Actually, it is very embarrassing, I could not make much headway today. Just made some very very small changes in the CSS of the Day1 app only.

The original plan was to make the Day1 app, a bit more better visually and then dive into Day 2 app of Jennifer, but got stuck on a very small part.

Please do not laugh at me, but I got stuck on getting the background-image up on the page. Spent so much time on it, looked for errors, searched on net, looked in a book, but still could not figure out, what is going wrong, or why it is not working.

Very very sad situation, felt very bad.

Here is the log at what happened on Day 2 of 180 by 180 -:

/* This is the Day 2 Log of 180 by 180 */

1. Started with studying CSS concepts from "CSS: The missing manual". This is to make the Day1 site a bit better.

2. Started making notes from the book, so that it is etched on my mind.

3. Learnt why to use external CSS over internal CSS.

4. Why to avoid certain html tags which are still used for styling, and rather use CSS.

5. Why at certain places only internal css can work like an email newsletter and hence it is essential to know internal style tags and conventions also.

6. Now gettting comfortable with Git Bash.

7. Using the cPanel to create folders for the new app, not using yet the command line.

8. Issue with background-repeat declaration.

9. Started using cygwin in a small manner, at present just to navigate and see the contents of the folders on m/c.

10. Made a new folder within the parent git repository, navigated into it and initiated another git. Apparently it is not needed, as the new folder can be tracked from the master itself, by adding that folder to be tracked. Would mind that from tomorrow.

11. Learnt what happens with declarations of padding and margins, text-decorations.

12. Figured out that in the Day1 code, ".day-lable" style was not doing anything and was redundant. Removed it.

13. Tried adding favicon to the html page.

14. DNS migration of pricesticker domain is now complete, could log in to the ftp account by using the host name itself, instead of the IP used earlier.

15. It seems I am not arranging the app and files properly, have to figure out the correct way.

16. When I tried to commit from the newhome folder, where earlier I had initiated git, and it showed "master", it did not worked. It said 'orign' does not appear to be a git repository. Moved back to the original repository, added the new file and folder for commit and when made a push, it worked. Have to figure out, what I did wrong, in the first place. I guess, something to do with branching, which I do not know as yet.

17. Made too many un-necessary commits.

18. The favicon did not work, have to figure that out.