Day 3 - 180 by 180

Today was much better, compared to yesterday.

Its been one sunday, after an awful long time, that I did something... Like really...

I was able to comprehend, what is going on and why something is happening...

Learnt a more about CSS, made notes in the notebook...

This is the log of the day-:

/* This is the Log of Day 3 of 180 by 180 */

/* The name of the app is "Make a Deal" */

1. I am keeping the app names the similar, so that, if someone tries to compare any two app's code, it is easier for him to do so.

2. This one I am able to understand pretty soon. An app made by only html and css. There are 7 html files and one css file.

3. On the home page, which is the first html file, you have 3 options to choose from. All these 3 options are 3 different html files.

4. Once you click any of the options on the home html, you are taken to the second html page, on which one of the option has been already chosen, and you are asked to confirm or re-consider your decision, from the remaining decision.

5. Either way, you go ahead, you land up on the third html page, which makes you either a winner or a loser.

6. The parent html file has a text block and an images container, the CSS is linked externally as in the first app. # make_a_deal.html

7. I am going to take 3 Piggy Bank images and one of them will have money and the rest of them will be empty.

8. The image has been procured from . # If it offends your policies or you think I am misusing them, please let me know, I will take them down. I found them very cute and beautiful, btw :)

9. Making the parent html is easy, or rather I'd say, I am just copying the code.

10. Not using the js analytics code, as I do not really intend to see, how many people are going to visit the particular page, its more for my learning.

11. Named the 3 image files of piggy bank as piggy_red,piggy_orange and piggy_green;  but then changed them to red_piggy,orange_piggy and green_piggy. I will have to find it out which is the better convention.

12. Have to study about <div id> and <div class> also.

13. CLASS SELECTORS are used to give one or more element a different look from the related tag. They also let us pin-point an exact elemt on the page, irrespective of their tag. Also, we can create as many class selectors we want and put them anywhere we want to use.

14. In the parent "make_a_Deal.html" page, ".text_container" and ".door" are the  classes. These styles can also be applied by using <span> tag in the html.

15. ID SELECTORS are used for identifying the unique part of a page. There are mostly used in lengthy web pages, otherwise no compelling reason to use ID's over CLASS. 

16. To use a style several times on a page, we use classes.

17. We use ID to identify a section which occur only once on a page.

18. Web browsers give ID selectors preference over the Class selectors.

19. A pound or hash symbolises the ID selector in CSS.

20. Again was banging head, when one of the class style was not working, then realised, had missed the "_" in the name in the html.

21. To learn more about the font-families and stuff, at present I am not changing much of them. Though like millions other, I love helvetica.

22. Much lesser number of commits today.