Failing miserably on 180 by 180

Day 4 - I did not do anything, in fact I did not even remotely did anything related to code.

Day 5 - As I started today, the app, random colour generator, seemed easy. But as I started understanding it, it now has javascript, along with jquery.

At codecademy, I finished javascript half with difficulty and it had been long time, its almost that I dont know anything of it.

So seeing all that, I could understand what is happening, but asked to do it alone, without looking at the code, I could not have done that.

The CSS of random colour generator is also more complex, with a lot of declarations, what they do and how they work, means I will have to slog at CSS again, and then going back to javascript.

I dont think, I can manage it in one day, when I started on it late and there is only about 10 hours left for the day to finish, clock-wise.

So I am leaving this mission, but I am not quitting it.

I know, with whatever JS I had learnt at Codecademy, I could have gone ahead with today's app, but once I finished the lessons, I did not practice further, or re-visited it or worked with it, and thats how today I am as bewildered as a newbie.

I have got to know the problem with myself,also which is very evident with this blog - "I am not sticking with it like a glue" .

And I aint gonna quit,no never,I am going to start afresh again, from scratch. And I am going to learn and practice code,every single day and putting it here, come what may.

I will die, but I am not going to quit this !