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The story of two slashes...

Anyone who has used both Windows and *Nix operating system only can relate to this post. Specifically, those who dual-boot.

First thing you would notice when you are using *Nix after Windows is how the file location or path is described/shown. The effect is much more pronouned because unlike Windows, which is a GUI based OS, almost everything is done via using commands at the terminal.

So as you switch from Win to *Nix, inadvertently you type the file locations using backward-slash - "\" and then find the error on the console. Then you go and correct the mistake by using forward-slash "/".

So while in Windows the path would be - C:\Users\Abhishek\Downloads\modi.jpg

In *Nix it would be /home/abhishek/Downloads/modi.jpg

Everytime I used to wonder that why this is so, but because I was in the midst of things, doing something, I would just cajole mylsef in believing that it must be just a convention and nothing more, and then would move on with the task.

Today, when this hap…