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Completed Week3 - Data Structures of Python For Everyone

I completed the course-work and assignments, all but one. t was a really silly mistake or omission that was holding me back from the second assignment.

I had to read all the lines of a file and add their words to a list. While I was reading the line, I was not adding the words of each line. What I was doing was to add the contents of last line only.

Instead of using two variables, one for the contents of the lines and one for the contents of the file, I was using only one variable, that is for the content of the line.

It was so silly, but it took me help from Coursera mentor, to complete this second assignment.

The response from Coursera was un-believably fast. thank you so very much Coursera.

Finished: Microsoft - DAT208x - Introduction to Python for Data Science

Today finished  the DAT208x course from Edx, way ahead of schedule.

The course was supposed to end on 16th February 2016.

This is my first course from EdX which I managed to complete and that too with 96% marks. I lost 4% marks because of my carelessness, else the score would have been perfect.

The course was an introductory one and hence comparatively easy.

I have been also following University of Michigan's - Programming For Everybody - Introduction to Python course on Coursera and some of the modules were similar, and that helped me.

The real learning was introduction to Numpy, Matplotlib and Pandas and how to work with data by using them.

The most beneficial of the three I found was Numpy, which made working with lists and array, super easy.

I am planning to further follow the official websites of the three packages and then practice further on them, on a consistent basis.

I shall keep updating on them here.

The exercises or the lab was made available via a platform called Da…