Finished - Udacity Course - How To Use Git and Github

My Account Window Of Udacity Yesterday !
I completed the Udacity Course - How To Use Git and Github yesterday.

Had been working on it for a while, got dis-engaged from the course for a while in between.

This is the first Udacity course that I have finished on Udacity.

So now I have at least one course completed each on Coursera,Edx and Udacity at least.

I love the entire experience of Udacity and my goal is to complete more courses from the platform.

The new designed UI and UX is a treat to work with.

One thing, I wished Udacity would have just sent an email acknowledgement that I completed the course, that would have been enough.

But yes, I would keep on learning at Udacity !

And last but not the least, I would like to Thank from the bottom of my heart to Mr.Sebastian Thrun (we all know who he is, right) and the course instructors Ms.Caroline and Ms.Sarah for providing me this opportunity to learn.

I shall be always indebted !

Thank You So Very Much !!!