Harvard - CS50x - Week 0 - PSET0 - Submitted


Scratch and implement a project of your choice (be it an animation, a game, interactive
art, or anything else), subject only to the following requirements.

• Your  project  must  have  at  least  two  sprites,  at  least  one  of  which  must  resemble
something other than a cat.

• Your project must have at least three scripts total (i.e., not necessarily three per sprite).

• Your project must use at least one condition, one loop, and one variable.

• Your project must use at least one sound.

• Your project should be more complex than most of those demonstrated in lecture (many
of  which,  though  instructive,  were  quite  short)  but  it  can  be  less  complex  than,  say,
Pikachu’s Pastry Catch and Ivy’s Hardest Game . As such, your project should probably use a few dozen puzzle pieces overall.


1. The first step is to figure out what to build, rather imagine what to build.
    Probably a pack of dogs hunting a deer. As soon as the deer gets eaten by any of the dogs, the game is over.

    The action initiated by the user would be only to click the green flag and thereafter, the game would run on its own.

    It shall use three sprites overall, two for the dogs and one for the deer or uquivalent animal.

    Both the dogs would have essentially the same script, though I would try to modify it with different sounds etc.

2. I have decided to use two dogs and a duck.

3. Starting with Dog 1 and trying to be as imaginative as possible.

4. So, I have three sprites in total, there are two dogs and a duck (I could not find a deer, but giving the dog sprites the duck is more appropriate).

So here it is what happens, there are two dogs with almost the same script, except the script which tells them to move randomly, this line of script has different cooridnates for both of them.

5. There is this duck, whic moves randomly too and makes a sound whenever she hits the edges.

6. If any of the dog touches the duck, they make a sound and the game is over, with the duck vanishing from the stage.

7. Just for the sake of curiosity or vanity, there is a counter which says "number of times I got away", this is to signify how long te duck is managing to evade the dogs. This counter increments once after every bounce from the edge.

8. While I am building this, sometimes the duck vanishes and sometimes it does not vanishes. Probably the two events "dog touching duck" is not same as "duck touching the dog". I ned to broadcast an event when the dog touches the duck and then use that to vanish the duck. Lets see...

Ok, this worked ! Great !

The Link to my app: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/105188590/
PSET0 Submitted