Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems: Part 1
University of Maryland


onCreate is the name of the method in the MainActivity class that sets up and displays the application's user interface screen.

Camera support is disabled by default in the AVD. It can be activated by going in to the AdvancedSettings of the AVD.

5554 is the port number to which the emulator is listening to.

The command "telnet localhost 5554" not working. The error is conection refused. Ah !, the emulator was not running only, so how would it connect. Silly !!!

The command via telnet "power status not-charging" does not work, the emulator still shows the device charging, tried the command twice. Rest other commands working.

The google APIs are not running and it is very annoying, could not test the further part.

Apparently, for each of the application, in the build.gradle one needs to put the dependency needed for the app to run. So though the AVD has the Google APIs, not all of them are automatically running. They are needed to be specified in the applications build.gradle file.

Checked the build.gradle file of the application and the google play services dependency was not mentioned. Added the maps,locations and play services dependency and synced the gradle file.

Restarted the emulator, but still the Google APIs are not working. Removed the separate location and maps dependency and synced the gradle. Lets see...

Not working.

Deleted the latest SDK tools version, even though the older versions were there, and the emulator would not run. Re-installed the latest version and the emulator would run fine now, I mean it is starting at least. But the Google API problem persists.

Trying Build>Clean Project and Build>Rebuild Project. Did not work.

Trying Invalidate Caches and Restart. Lets see...

Did not work. FUCK THE EMULATOR !!!

While I was hunting everything, after the morning walk, the epiphany came that, while I am selecting the Java version 1.7 for the app, I do not have 1.7 installed, in fact I have 1.8 installed.

Uninstalled the Java Version 1.8.

Installed the Java version 1.70 from scratch, using the WikiHow tutorial. Phew !

Re-started studio, after the reboot. Initially, the folder of JDK was the old one only configured in the app, so the gradle build threw error. Changed it to the new version of Java of re-started studio.

Now I can see in the build.gradle file, a lot of dependecy already built in, earlier, there were only 2.

Same story. The APIs not working. At my wits end.

The minSdkVersion cannot be larger than the compiledSdkVersion, but obviously. This was the error I spotted in the build.gradle file of app. Set the compiledSdkVersion same as minSdkVersion and re-compiled.

Not working. Going to delete the application and AVDs and start again.

To be continued...