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Learning from yesterday's attempt with Rails and Ruby

There was nothing wrong with the installation of either Ruby or Sqlite3 in "/usr/local/bin" instead of "/usr/bin".

Apparently, all the distribution led stuff is installed in /usr/bin and all manually installed stuff goes into /usr/local/bin.

But I am yet to figure out, if this is the case, then why it was prompting me that "Ruby cant be found in /usr/bin".

There must be something to it and I would learn it someday.

Finally I was able to install both Ruby and Rails via using "rbenv" after learning of the popular way to install Ruby on GoRails site.

It took a while, but the instructions from the site, worked like a charm.

I dont know much about "rbenv" except the fact that it is a ruby version controller. I need to study more on it.

Also, I was able to kick-start with Cloud 9. I finally located the Re-set password link (I was confusing the Re-send Activation Email and Forgot Password as one link.

Sign up with Github and Bitbucket was possible on…

The fight to install Ruby on Ubuntu

Today, as I went after installing Ruby on Ubuntu (14.04), never imagined it would be that much of a fight.Actually, installing Ruby was not that much fight, as post that, installing Rails would become.I started with installing from source, did the usual stuff required and when I checked by typing the command "ruby -v", it said ruby can't be find in /usr/bin .Previously, as I was installing Sqlite3, I observed that got installed into /usr/local/bin and I had encountered the same error.So I checked for Ruby at the same place and found it.I moved everything from /usr/local/bin to /usr/bin .I could see now the Ruby and the version .I don't know it was the right thing to do or not, but there was no harm in checking it out, so I did. As it is, it would not have broke my machine.when I did "whereis ruby" , it showed me where I had put in and mysteriously it appeared in /usr/local/bin also, so I forced remove it.Now when I tried to install rails via gem, it threw u…

How to seek help on Discussion Forum, when you cant create an account - The Cloud 9 Way

Just now, I have been trying to create a Cloud 9 account, by logging with the help of my Github account and then when it failed, from my Bitbucket account.

Apparently, something is down with Cloud 9 infra, and both of the attempts did not work.

I tried creating a new account with the email address that I use in Github and Bitbucket and it says, "A user with this e-mail address already exists."

Now when I attempt to sign-in, it says "Incorrect Password" and when I click on the "Forgot Password" account, i tprompts me to enter my email address and send an activation email.

I click on the send activation email, and it says that email address is already active !

Ah !!!

Needless, to say that there is no activation email that I received. Even checked the spam.

I tried looking for help, and found that fastest way is to go to their discussion board, and guess what, it requires that you login with your account email address !!!

ha ha ha !!!

Module 2 - Rockets for War and Fiction - IEEEx: ATG1.x

1. Alfred Mordecai's role in the US Army Ordanance Corps was to experiment and test rockets.

2. Three curved vanes attached to the base plate was the design concept on which the Hale Rocket was based.

3. The HAle rockets were first used by the US Army in the sieze of Vera Cruz in 1846.

4. Great Britain was most responsible for the spread of rockets in the mid 1800s.

5. Rifled barrels and breach loading were the technologies that would relegate rockets to battlefield illumination duties.

6. US rocket battery was disbanded in the year 1848.

7. Fiction transformed it idea of rockets from weapons to a means of space travel, and with that inspiration would come the rocket visionaries that would take us to the moon.

8. From earth to the moon is the name of the Jule's Verne's classic space novel.

9. Alfred Mordecai would distinguish himself by publishing "Artillery for the United States Land Service".

10. Jules Verne's flight to th emoon and Apollo 11 had a lot in common:

1. …

TU DELFT - DDA691x - PRe-Assignment - Design Approach


Notes From Module 1: Fireworks and Rockets - IEEEx ATG1.x

1. Archytas "Bird" was propelled by air and demonstrated for the first time, "reactive propulsion".

2. The Hero Engine was an example of a Steam Turbine.

3. Chinese Gunpowder was made of Saltpeter, Sulfur and Charcoal Dust.

4. Gunpowder propellant was the contriubution of Roger Bacon towards the development of rocket technology.

5. The concept of multi-stage rocket was first concieved by Kazimier Siemienowicz.

6. Galileo's experiment with sloping planes led to the description of the concept of Inertia.

7. In the year Galileo died, Issac Newton was born.

8. Mathematics principles of of NAtural Philosophy is the bame of Issac Newton's definitive work, that describes the laws of motions.

9. "Thrust" is the name of the force created by the gas exhausts, that accelerates the rockets.

10. Colonel William Congreve, British military officer was the first true, rocket engineer, due to his works the range of rockets increased from 200 yeards to 3000 yards. His rocke…