Learning from yesterday's attempt with Rails and Ruby

There was nothing wrong with the installation of either Ruby or Sqlite3 in "/usr/local/bin" instead of "/usr/bin".

Apparently, all the distribution led stuff is installed in /usr/bin and all manually installed stuff goes into /usr/local/bin.

But I am yet to figure out, if this is the case, then why it was prompting me that "Ruby cant be found in /usr/bin".

There must be something to it and I would learn it someday.

Finally I was able to install both Ruby and Rails via using "rbenv" after learning of the popular way to install Ruby on GoRails site.

It took a while, but the instructions from the site, worked like a charm.

I dont know much about "rbenv" except the fact that it is a ruby version controller. I need to study more on it.

Also, I was able to kick-start with Cloud 9. I finally located the Re-set password link (I was confusing the Re-send Activation Email and Forgot Password as one link.

Sign up with Github and Bitbucket was possible only after connecting the services with Cloud 9 in the control panel.

In the meanwhile, Cloud 9 guys worked something up and then the error messages which I was getting was gone and it was reflecting properly that "An account must be created before signing up with either Bitbucket or Github."

Cool !


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