Module 2 - Rockets for War and Fiction - IEEEx: ATG1.x

1. Alfred Mordecai's role in the US Army Ordanance Corps was to experiment and test rockets.

2. Three curved vanes attached to the base plate was the design concept on which the Hale Rocket was based.

3. The HAle rockets were first used by the US Army in the sieze of Vera Cruz in 1846.

4. Great Britain was most responsible for the spread of rockets in the mid 1800s.

5. Rifled barrels and breach loading were the technologies that would relegate rockets to battlefield illumination duties.

6. US rocket battery was disbanded in the year 1848.

7. Fiction transformed it idea of rockets from weapons to a means of space travel, and with that inspiration would come the rocket visionaries that would take us to the moon.

8. From earth to the moon is the name of the Jule's Verne's classic space novel.

9. Alfred Mordecai would distinguish himself by publishing "Artillery for the United States Land Service".

10. Jules Verne's flight to th emoon and Apollo 11 had a lot in common:

1. Crea of 3

2. Crew vehicle named Columbiad.

3. Launched from Florida.


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