Notes From Module 1: Fireworks and Rockets - IEEEx ATG1.x

1. Archytas "Bird" was propelled by air and demonstrated for the first time, "reactive propulsion".

2. The Hero Engine was an example of a Steam Turbine.

3. Chinese Gunpowder was made of Saltpeter, Sulfur and Charcoal Dust.

4. Gunpowder propellant was the contriubution of Roger Bacon towards the development of rocket technology.

5. The concept of multi-stage rocket was first concieved by Kazimier Siemienowicz.

6. Galileo's experiment with sloping planes led to the description of the concept of Inertia.

7. In the year Galileo died, Issac Newton was born.

8. Mathematics principles of of NAtural Philosophy is the bame of Issac Newton's definitive work, that describes the laws of motions.

9. "Thrust" is the name of the force created by the gas exhausts, that accelerates the rockets.

10. Colonel William Congreve, British military officer was the first true, rocket engineer, due to his works the range of rockets increased from 200 yeards to 3000 yards. His rockets are a piece of US History, as they were used in the battle of Fort McHenry in 1812.

Francis Scott Key wrote the famous words, "and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air" as part of his poem that became the star-spangled banner, the US national anthem.


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