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Module 3 - Rockets for War and Fiction - IEEEx: ATG1.x

1. One of Tsiolkovsky’s first experiments was to build a centrifuge to study the effects of gravity.

2.  The Investigation of Outer Space by Means of Reaction Apparatus is the name of Tsiolkovsky's first published work on rocket design.It was published in 1903 and contained findings that would influence rocket development for years to come.

3. One of Tsiolkovsky’s main findings was that,Solid propellant would not produce enough energy for space travel and he proposed the use of liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen.

4. Robert Esnault-Pelterie (REP) was the fourth person in France to earn a pilot’s license.

5. Seat belts, joystick and ailerons were part of REP’s all metal monoplane.

6. REP’s book L'Astronautique, in which he first introduced the word "astronautics“ was first published in 1930.

7. Herman Oberth’s thesis, which was turned into a book is titled, The Rocket into Interplanetary Space.

8. Rockets would work in a vacuum and Rockets could be built to carry human being…

Learnt Markdown Today...

I had read so many number of times about "markdown" and was always bewildered.

I had for sure heard about "markup", but then what was "markdown".

Somehow or other, I never looked up for the same, I don't know why. May be I was busy with some other stupid un-necessary stuff.

So, here today, I stumbled on this nifty little tutorial from a forum and got myself acquainted with "markdown".

Definitely, one thing off from my long list of learning !

Now, I proudly know "markdown", and all it took a bit more than 10 minutes !